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Confessions of a Tax Avoider

There have been extensive reports in the press about revelations contained in the so-called "Paradise Papers". One of the most intriguing of these has been the accusation of tax avoidance levelled at the Duchy of Lancaster, part of the Queen's private estate. I was therefore interested to read the details contained in this article in the Financial Times... and from it, I learnt that I am a tax avoider too! Before moving on to the specific issue, I will just point out ...

AGM Reports

Ocean Wilson (OCN) Analysis and 2012 AGM Report

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed are those of the author, who accepts no responsibility for any errors and is not authorised to give investment advice. Do not rely on this report when making investment decisions. Introduction Ocean Wilsons’ (LSE:OCN) AGM proved a very useful occasion to improve my understanding of the business. Hence, I will set out the key points that I learnt or gained clarification on, before documenting details of the AGM. Based on what I have learnt I will be revising my investment strategy for this company ...