AGM Reports

Murray Income Trust (MUT) AGM 2019

This was a very well attended AGM in The Leonardo Royal Hotel close to St Paul's Cathedral, which had been advertised quite widely. This is a good way to increase attendance and to make the AGM as useful as possible. I hope more companies will follow Murray Income's fine example.   I estimate there were well over 100 people attending. After a brief introduction by the Chair, Neil Rogan, most of the time was given to the fund manager Charles Luke, who has ...

Leaders and Laggards

LeaderMurray Income Trust AGM 5 Nov 2019

Murray Income Trust have launched a campaign trying to encourage shareholders, existing and new, to meet their fund manager and directors at their forthcoming AGM.  ShareSoc are great believers in making AGMs as useful as possible. The Murray Income Trust campaign is welcomed by ShareSoc.  So, I am happy in this blog to give a plug for this AGM and also for their bright idea for their shareholders to bring a friend and have a free lunch.   After your free lunch you can attend ...