ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, February 2020

Click here to download Stockopedia Reports for all presenting companies. A report on the seminar from ShareSoc member Damian Cannon can be found here: Report on the seminar from Roger Lawson: I attended ShareSoc's Growth Company Seminar on Wednesday (12/2/2020). These events focus on smaller companies so they tend to be a very mixed bag. I will give some impressions of the companies presenting this week: DX Group (DX.) This is a parcels and document delivery service. In 2015 it hit difficulties after a failed ...

ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Birmingham, May 2018

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, June 2015

Click here for Escher Group Stockopedia Report Click here Ideagen Stockopedia Report Click here Mercia Technologies Stockopedia Report Click here ZincOx Resources Stockopedia Report

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End of year musings – VCTs

Should I continue to invest in VCTs, I ask myself. Hold, Buy or Sell? I was steered into these investments by my financial adviser, when I was busy working...

Northern VCTs and Mercia

The 3 Northern VCTs (Northern Venture Trust, Northern 2 VCT and Northern 3 VCT) are proposing to novate their management agreements with NVM Private Equity LLP in favour of...

Profit Warnings at XP Power and Ted Baker, plus Mercia Placing

A number of profit warnings this morning. The most interesting to me was at XP Power (XPP) although I do not hold it. It was interesting because as a...

ShareSoc Company Seminar Announcement

The line-up for our next seminar at which public companies will be presenting on the 17th June is now available and registrations are now open. This event is in the City of London, with registration starting at 4.00 pm. Four companies will be presenting this month and answering your questions, which are: - MERCIA TECHNOLOGIES (MERC): An investment company focussed on growth technology businesses. - IDEAGEN (IDEA): Compliance based information management software. - ESCHER GROUP (ESCH): Provider of retail and message based software solutions. Plus one other company to be advised at a ...