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Media Corporation – Cessation of Business

Media Corporation – Cessation of Business One of the first “problem” companies that ShareSoc reported on (and got involved with to a limited extent, although it always appeared to be somewhat of a basket case) was Media Corporation (MDC). We first covered it in our June 2011 newsletter when the share price was about 1.5 pence. After various changes of strategy and management upheavals, the shares were suspended from AIM (not for the first time) in April at 0.095 pence, after much ...

AGM Reports

Media Corporation (MDC) AGM Report 2012

I attended the Annual General Meeting of Media Corporation Plc in London on the 16th February. I have only a nominal holding in the company which I obtained solely so I could attend the AGM as I have been following this company and its problems for some time (it has been reported on in past editions of the ShareSoc Informer Newsletter). ShareSoc has been giving some informal advice to some of the shareholders who have been concerned about past events, and ...