ShareSoc Webinar with LiDCO (LID), 5 May 2020

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, April 2017

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AGM Reports

Lidco (LID) AGM report June 2014

Lidco sell hemodynamic monitoring equipment to hospitals, typically for post-operative care. They held their Annual General Meeting at the offices of Finncap in the City of London on the 11th June - a particularly hot day that might have reduced the attendance. There were only a few ordinary shareholders present. On the morning of the AGM the company issued an announcement. As it commented, the Annual Report is the first that reports a profit before tax with real cash generation. It also ...

Lidco (LID) AGM Report 2012

Lidco sell hemodynamic monitoring products for patients in critical care situations (in surgery or intensive care). The technology monitors fluid balance, and reduces unwanted side effects of major surgery, often enabling patients to have a much reduced stay in hospital. There are therefore substantial cost benefits for hospitals who implement such technology. For example an NHS report recently recommended wider adoption of fluid management technologies – full adoption across the NHS might result in £400m per annum of savings. The worldwide ...