Voting and Company Information

Imperial Brands – Company Information and Vote Guidance

ShareSoc has introduced a new added value service, for Full Members only, providing background information on leading companies and AGM vote guidance. Initially we are piloting this for FTSE30 companies, plus a few others in the FTSE100. You can access all the information that ShareSoc has written on a company via clicking on the Research and Company Research buttons in the header on any ShareSoc webpage. This will take you to this page . If you then enter the company name, ...

Corporate Remuneration Reports

Imperial Brands (formerly Imperial Tobacco) Remuneration Report 2017

The Sunday Times on 15 Jan 2017 Wrote- (the following is a summary) of the article) Tobacco giant Imperial Brands is facing a shareholder rebellion over plans to award its chief executive a pay packet worth as much as £8.5m a year. Under the new proposals, Alison Cooper, who was paid £5.5m last year, would earn a significantly higher bonus if she hits certain performance targets. The Sunday Times has learnt that at least one of the company’s top 10 investors will ...