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Surprises on Remuneration at the Kentz AGM, and opposition also at Hiscox

Surprises on Remuneration at the Kentz AGM,  and opposition also at Hiscox Last week (on Friday the 16th May), both the Remuneration Policy and Remuneration Report resolutions were voted down by shareholders at the Kentz Annual General Meeting. This is one of the few companies where such resolutions have been lost in the current AGM round and the first where the Remuneration Policy vote has been defeated. That vote was only introduced in the last year by new Government legislation, but oddly ...

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Hiscox (HSX) AGM Report 2012 – One of the worst

After attending the Judges Scientific Annual General Meeting yesterday (a useful meeting if sparsely attended), I visited the AGM of Hiscox in their offices in the City of London. Technically that statement is not quite correct because although I was there, the actual AGM was held in Bermuda. Hiscox moved their company domicile to Bermuda a few years ago, ostensibly for tax reasons bearing in mind that they have substantial operations there. One resulting peculiarity of this was that most shareholders now ...