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RBS, Akzo Nobel and Hornby

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) AGM is tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what excuses the board of directors give for rejecting the requisition of a resolution to establish a Shareholder Committee. ShareSoc believes the rejection has no sound legal basis and ShareSoc directors will raise this issue at the meeting. Another similar case is that of Akzo Nobel in Holland where Elliott Advisors have been pushing the board to consider a takeover offer from US company PPG Industries. ...

Hornby Requisition Opposed

Investor Alexander Anton previously requisitioned a General Meeting of Hornby (HRN) to have Chairman Roger Canham removed from the board and get himself appointed as a director. Mr Anton has the support of the second largest investor in Hornby in New Pistoia, but the largest investor is Phoenix Asset Management. The long standing Chairman of Hornby, Roger Canham, is also Chairman of Phoenix which Mr Anton suggests is not a good arrangement so far as corporate governance is concerned. Hornby, the ...

Hornby, BHP Billiton, Pan African, and Share Radio

A few items of miscellaneous news worthy of comment: Investor Alexander Anton has launched a campaign to have Chairman Roger Canham removed from the board of Hornby (HRN) and get himself appointed as director. A requisition for a General Meeting of the company has been submitted accordingly. Hornby, the maker of train sets and toys, has had a poor financial performance in recent years with production difficulties, consistent losses, and a turnaround plan that is not obviously working. Mr Anton was ...
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