Fundsmith Equity Fund (GB00B41YBW71)

Fundsmith Equity Fund (GB00B41YBW71)

AGM Reports

Fundsmith Equity Fund (FUEQUI)

The Annual Shareholder Meeting for holders of the Fundsmith Equity Fund was held last night (20/3/2017). Here's a brief summary of manager Terry Smith's presentation and the question/answer session (summarised or paraphrased for brevity). You should be able to watch the whole 2 hour proceedings on the Fundsmith web site soon. Terry said it was the 7th year of Fundsmith and this shareholder meeting may be the largest meeting of shareholders in the UK. Possibly 1000 attendees. It's the only meeting held ...

Fundsmith Annual Meeting 2016 – Another Good Performance

Last night was the latest annual meeting for investors in the Fundsmith Equity Fund. It was another good performance by Terry Smith on the night, and of course a good performance by the Fund itself was reported. It achieved a return of 15.7% last year (year ending December 2015) which was way ahead of any global fund index you care to choose. A lot of stock picking investors did well last year, but how many also have achieved 4.7% in the ...