Foresight 3 VCT Plc (FTD)

Foresight 3 VCT Plc (FTD)

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VCT Investors Group Action Plan

23 ShareSoc members who are also members of the VCT investor group met on 26 February 2020 at the East India Club. We reviewed recent successes at Ventus, Albion,...

AGM Reports

Foresight 3 VCT (FTD) AGM Report 2016

The F3 AGM was held today (30 August 2016) with about10 shareholders present. The following announcement was made on the day of the AGM: "The Board of Foresight 3 VCT plc is pleased to announce that the Net Asset Value as at 30 June 2016 was 62.0p per Ordinary Share." The Chairman, Raymond Abbott announced this during the AGM after the manager presentation on the portfolio. This is an increase of 2.4p over the 31 March figure of 59.6p and was mainly due ...