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Brexit Investment Strategies

Investors may have noticed that the pound is in free fall and heading towards US$1.20. That’s near the low after the initial Brexit vote. Pundits, not that they can be relied on for forex forecasts, suggest it could go lower now that we seem to be heading for a “no-deal” Brexit. With the pound falling, and potential damage to the UK economy from a hard Brexit, investors should surely have been avoiding companies reliant on UK sales, or UK consumers, or those ...

AGM Reports

4imprint Group (FOUR) General Meeting Report 2012

4imprint is a company that sells promotional merchandise. I attended a General Meeting of the company in central London on the 14th March (in effect what used to be called an “extraordinary general meeting”) to approve the disposal of Brand Addition. The company is disposing of a major division, representing 32% of its revenue last year, so revenue and profits in future will be substantially less as a result (Brand Addition was profitable and seemed to be a reasonable return on ...