ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Manchester, June 2018

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, October 2016

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, Altrincham, September 2016

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Blog posts

The Future Value of Money

The future value of money was a question highlighted by a Government decision yesterday. The discount rate to be applied to awards to road accident victims and others, to ensure they always have enough to support their future needs, is to be changed to -0.75% (that's minus 0.75%). Previously, and for many years, it has been assumed that they could invest a cash lump sum at a rate of plus 2.5%. That was on the assumption that they could invest in ...

ShareSoc Events – Altrincham, Richmond and Brighton

This is a final reminder that we have a company seminar in Altrincham (near Manchester) next week (Tuesday the 27th September) with four interesting smaller companies presenting. These are:...