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Portfolio Review 2023 – Mark Bentley

This article reflects the opinions of its author and not necessarily those of ShareSoc. Introduction This is now my fourth annual comprehensive portfolio review. See my 2020 review for an explanation of my investment objectives, strategy, "asset types" and investment accounts. My 2022 review can be found here. 2023 was again a difficult and disappointing rollercoaster year. For the second consecutive year my results underperformed my FTSE All-share total return benchmark. See "Results Breakdown" below for the gory details. At least this year my aggregate ...

Confessions of a Tax Avoider

There have been extensive reports in the press about revelations contained in the so-called "Paradise Papers". One of the most intriguing of these has been the accusation of tax avoidance levelled at the Duchy of Lancaster, part of the Queen's private estate. I was therefore interested to read the details contained in this article in the Financial Times... and from it, I learnt that I am a tax avoider too! Before moving on to the specific issue, I will just point out ...