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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, July 2018

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ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar, London, April 2015

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Energy Caps, Verici DX, Equals and Paypoint

The views expressed in this article are those of its author and not necessarily those of ShareSoc. PM Truss's proposal is a cap on prices, not on overall cost so people with big houses with large gas consumption will still pay more. Fracking is also being permitted to boost local gas production. Truss did not give in to calls for this largess to be funded through a windfall tax. She said this would undermine the national interest by discouraging the very investment we ...

Equals Trading, Bango Results, Finablr Suspension, Baronsmead VCT and Closing the Stock Market

As share prices of almost every share on the market collapses, should all trading be suspended? The argument for this is that as the impact of the coronavirus on the economy is not certain, although it looks more dire every day, shares cannot be valued with any certainty. Indeed there seems to be no hiding place as there never is in a bear market – almost all share prices have fallen. The editor of the FT thinks the market should not ...

City of London IT, Equals Interims, Paypoint CEO, Downing One VCT and Parliamentary Pandemonium

Having been away on holiday in the North of England last week, this is a catch up on news that impacted my portfolio. I received the Annual Report for...

ShareSoc Company Seminar Announcement

The next ShareSoc Company Seminar will be on the 21st April. Registrations are now open. This event is in the City of London (in the usual FinnCap offices venue), commencing...

AGM Reports

FairFX (EQLS) Plc AGM 2018

Today I attended the annual general meeting of FairFX Plc at the central London offices of Bates Wells & Braithwell LLP. FairFX is a provider of foreign exchange payment services both to private clients and corporations through prepaid currency cards, travel cash and international money transfers. With 2 other shareholders present (who both seemed to be on first name terms with FairFX’s board, so ex-employees maybe?) we started with a statement from Chairman John Pearson, which was also released today via an ...