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Performance Related Pay – Does it work? It Depends

Evidence from Compass-Capita-Comparison shows performance related pay can work - when measured over the long term. Since 2009, Compass has paid Richard Cousins, its CEO, £43m and Capita paid CEO Andy Parker £15m. According to my rough sums (which ignore the impact of the numbers of shares in issue and dividends and capital distributions), Compass added value of £19bn and Capita lost £1.2bn. They started at similar size £6bn and £5bn respectively. The FT story Richard Cousins steps down as Compass chief executive ...

Media Mentions

FT, 26 May 2020, Fund Raises Now Include Retail . “This is brilliant,” says Cliff Weight, director of ShareSoc, a campaign group for small shareholders. “A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes to explain why individual investors should not be shut out of fund raises. “I hope all companies will now follow their example and include individual investors in their fund raises.”  In a long article on fund raises, it was reported that Compass, the catering company, became the first main market business in the UK to include retail ...