ShareSoc Technology Seminar, London, March 2014

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ShareSoc Company Seminar – another company added

In addition to the companies previously announced for the ShareSoc seminar on March 26th, we have now added ServicePower Technologies. So the line-up is now: – Pressure Technologies (PRES): Engineering solutions for high...

ShareSoc Company Seminar Announcement

Our next seminar at which public companies will be presenting is scheduled for the 26th March in the City of London, with registration starting at 4.00pm. Three or four companies will be presenting in March and answering your questions, which are: - Pressure Technologies (PRES): Engineering solutions for high pressure markets. - Cambria Automobiles (CAMB): Retail motor dealerships. - MoPowered (MPOW): Mobile commerce applications for on-line retailers. - We also hope to have a fourth company presenting - keep an eye on the link below for details. Refreshments and a finger buffet will be provided of ...

AGM Reports

Cambria Automobiles (CAMB) AGM 2015 (Share price 52-56p)

I attended the AGM. There were c. 15 attendees, but possibly only 1-2 other shareholders Trading. I will not add to the very bullish statement. CAMB volumes are up 19.3% against the market 8.2 % ( new car sales) and we all know the background to 34 consecutive months of rising car sales. Q: How long can this continue ? A: if you look at the pattern of the last cycle, this could carry on another three years. A2: we are planning to ...