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It’s Not Just Blood on the High Street – ASOS et al

The trading statement this morning (17/12/2018) from ASOS (ASC) has caused the share price to fall by 40% at the time of writing. Other internet retailers such as Boohoo (BOO) fell in sympathy. ASOS reported that revenue was up by 14% over the previous year, but warned that they “experienced a significant deterioration in the important trading month of November and conditions remain challenging. As a result, we have reduced our expectations for the current financial year”. In effect the previous forecast sales ...

The Market, Renishaw and ASOS

We seem to be in one of those markets where investors are nervous because of a few big failures, some market commentators being bearish and the uncertainties caused by Brexit. While some of the “hot” stocks continue to power upwards, and the overall market trend in the UK is still positive, it only takes the slightest ripple to cause some stocks to fall sharply. That particularly applies to those where prices seemed to have got ahead of fundamentals. Yesterday (25/1/2108) Renishaw (RSW) ...

Media Mentions

Daily Mail, 26 Sep 2020, Boohoo Bosses Face Calls to Quit

Cliff Weight, the director of ShareSoc, said: 'It is undoubtedly shocking that these kind of third world factories exist in the UK. Mahmud Kamani needs to step aside whilst the board reviews his position.' This report highlights numerous concerns for investors, not least the way the AIM "Lite-touch" Regulation can lead to some governance disasters. Boohoo has only £900m of turnover but has a Mkt cap of  £4.71B and trades on a P/E ratio of 69.95. Shares this year have been highly volatile and hit a ...