Invesco Bond Income Plus Ltd (BIPS)

Invesco Bond Income Plus Ltd (BIPS)

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Portfolio Review 2021 – Mark Bentley

This article reflects the opinions of its author and not necessarily those of ShareSoc. Introduction Following on from my review in 2020, I have now conducted a similar exercise for 2021. See last year's article for an explanation of my investment objectives, strategy, "asset types" and investment accounts. 2021 was "a year of two halves" with my holdings roaring ahead in the first half and then a bit of a rollercoaster ride since September. These market gyrations are difficult psychologically but having lived through ...

AGM Reports

Invesco Bond Income Plus (BIPS) AGM 2022

This report represents the author's views and interpretation of the AGM proceedings. It does not comprise verbatim notes. To maintain a diverse investment portfolio and as an income-focused investor, I have a target of 9% allocated to fixed income securities. For quite some time, I was way below this allocation, as I saw few attractive opportunities in this asset class. More recently, my attention was drawn to Invesco’s BIPS investment company. BIPS invests in high yield corporate bonds. It offers a diverse ...