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Anglo American and Pay

Following ShareSoc's recommendation to vote against the Remuneration Report at Anglo American, yesterday the company received 42% of shareholders votes AGAINST it. Other advisory bodies also recommended opposition and this is a significant snub to the board which they will have to do something about. The ShareSoc press release we issued is here: The Investment Association which represents institutional investors has published a report which suggests that pay in public companies is "not fit for purpose" and needs reform. This has ...

Corporate Remuneration Reports

Anglo American Remuneration Report 2016

Attached is the Manifest Report. Manifest Executive Remuneration Assessment grade 'D’ (on scale A =good to F=awful) Manifest has assessed the Company’s disclosures against the recommendations of the UK Corporate Governance Code, institutional investor guidelines and the disclosure requirements set out in both the Companies Acts and the UKLA Listing Rules. The following items have been identified which may be of interest to shareholders: A payment has been made under the annual bonus plan despite a loss being recorded. No clearly identifiable link is ...

Media Mentions

Investors Chronicle, 30 Jan 2020, Why shareholders votes matter – Sirius Minerals

Cliff Weight, director at campaign group ShareSoc, highlights that this is currently a frustration for Sirius Minerals (SXX), which is unable to directly contact investors held in nominee accounts regarding the takeover bid from Anglo American (AAL). See which is a fairly comprehensive review of the issues. “Individual shareholders can greatly assist in corporate governance, effective company engagement and holding directors to account,” says Mr Weight. Mr Weight says that private investors also tend to be “better than so-called professionals” at ...

Investors Chronicle, 20 Jan 2020, Sirius to be acquired by Anglo ShareSoc director Paul de Gruchy quoted saying “some shareholders had lost money they could not afford to lose” and “ShareSoc would look at whether shareholders were misled by Sirius marketing materials”.