Sustainable investing

ShareSoc/UKSA Joint response to IFRS Foundation International Sustainability Standards Board Consultation

In a joint UKSA/ShareSoc response on 29 July 2022, we said We support the creation of the International Sustainability Standards Board and wish to see it succeed in its mission of developing high-quality global standards for sustainability reporting by companies, which should lead to mitigate against the confusion of the complex web of sustainability standards that currently exists. In order to succeed as global standards, the IFRS Sustainability Standards need to be adopted by the local authorities of countries and regions ...

Daily Mail, 15 Nov 2019, G4S should be ejected from FTSE 4 GOOD index

Cliff Weight, director at non-profit investor group Sharesoc, said: 'These are unbelievably serious allegations. It is clearly time for them [G4S] to come out of the FTSE 4 Good index.' See