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Sirius Minerals Update #14

News Item Sirius Minerals: Following the update in December, the Sirius Claim Group has continued its work to collate and present information to support any potential claim(s). This reached an initial conclusion and since April we have been engaged with a legal firm to review the potential. This process involves a number of stages and will naturally take an amount of time. It may also require us to review the information with more than one legal firm to achieve the desired outcome which ...

Update #13
ShareSoc Sirius Shareholders’ Group (SSSG)
SiriusClaim (
15th December 2020

On 8th of December we (ShareSoc and Sirius Claim Group) held a webinar to provide a progress update. The event was very well attended. There were 258 registrants and over 200 attended on the night. Links to the video of the webinar are here and copies of the slides here for those who were unable to attend. There were a good number of questions and answers at the end. If we were unable to answer your question during the event we will ...

The Northern Echo, 8 Dec 2020, Sirius Shareholders to Discuss Possible Legal Redress

Daily Mail, 8 Dec 2020, Sirius Minerals Faces Legal Bid From Shareholder Group After Anglo’s ‘Daylight Robbery’ Rescue Deal Daily Mail quotes ShareSoc extensively.

Whitby Gazette, 7 Dec 2020, Sirius Campaigners to Hold Next Steps Meeting Online Following Anglo American Takeover

The Scarborough News, 7 Dec 2020, Sirius Campaigners to Hold Next Steps Meeting Online Following Anglo American Takeover

Teesside Gazette, 28 Nov 2020, Sirius Minerals campaigners hold ‘next steps’ meeting for shareholders

The 8 Dec 5pm Virtual Meet for  Sirius (ex) shareholders and others interested was highlighted by the Teesside Gazette in an article in its business pages on 28 Nov, see ShareSoc was extensively quoted.

Do Spivvy PE Funds IPO Their Investments at Inflated Prices? – and HM Treasury Consultation UK Listings Review

The AA 86% share price decline, coming on top of the Saga and Aston Martin makes me wonder if PE firms and others are exploiting those retail investors willing to buy into a fashionable story. I have to admit to losing money on Saga, whose share price is down 90% from its 2016 high. My mother-in-law was a huge fan of Saga and she gave me a present of Saga membership when I was 50, so when they were floated, I and ...

Update #11, 5 Aug 2020 – Sirius Legal Judgment Published and Implications for Law Commission Review

The judgment of The Hon. Mr Justice Fancourt in the matter of Sirius Minerals plc Court Hearing of 13 March 2020 has now been published and makes reference to ShareSoc's submission, in several places, with paras 5 and 6 being the most important. 5. I have read letters from Mr Cliff Weight of the UK Individual Shareholders Society (ShareSoc). The concerns that he expresses are that the vote at the meeting that agreed to accept the offer of 5.5 pence per share ...

Shareholder Rights – Response from Kelly Tolhurst, BEIS Minister

There are continuing sign of progress on shareholder rights. The Law Commission Review is progressing and we have received the following letter from the Government. Corporate Responsibility Minister Kelly...