Alliance Trust Strategic Review Announcement

The following note has been issued by ATSAG following the announcement this morning from Alliance Trust: Alliance Trust Shareholder Action Group (ATSAG) Update No. 13 – Outcome of Strategic...

Alliance Trust Announcement and ATSAG Response

Alliance Trust Plc have today announced a number of changes "to enhance shareholder value" as they put it. It includes a more focussed investment mandate, a reduction in costs, a commitment to narrowing the discount, a revised dividend policy and a simplification of the corporate structure. The Alliance Trust Shareholder Action Group (ATSAG), supported by ShareSoc, has generally welcomed the changes. You can read the full comments issued by ATSAG in this press release: Roger Lawson

Elliott Raises Stake in Alliance Trust

Elliott Advisors have raised their stake in Alliance Trust to 14%. After a battle before the last Annual General Meeting of Alliance, the company effectively conceded defeat by appointing two new non-executive directors as suggested by Elliott. But the issues raised by Elliott of a high share price discount to net asset value, and long-standing poor performance have not gone away – the discount currently stands at about 12%, much higher than most generalist investment trusts. Indeed many trusts are now ...