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ShareSoc exists to:

√  Provide supportive resources and education to private investors.

√  Help individuals grow their investments by keeping them informed.

√  Promote the rights of private investors and influence regulatory policy.

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    What some of our members say about ShareSoc:

    “ShareSoc provides a single source of information, support and guidance for the private investor – invaluable!” Simon Hedger

    “I joined ShareSoc because individuals are the owners of listed companies and need every help to act like owners. The company articles are particularly valuable” Mohammed Amin MA, FCA, AMCT

    “ShareSoc has done heroic work in trying to make the voice of the ordinary shareholder heard” Patten Bridge

    “As an investor in shares I take it personally when the lack of shareholder influence on corporate governance is questioned. ShareSoc helps me redress the balance” Mike Lang

    “The FSA does not care but ShareSoc is always there” Malcolm Oluwasanmi

    “Membership is very beneficial and the newsletters are most informative” Alwyn Daniel

    “It’s good to have ShareSoc being the voice of the private investor” Ramnik Bhudia

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