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    Member EntitlementsAssociate Member (Free)Full Member (£45/year)SIGnet Member (£25/year)Combined ShareSoc/SIGnet Member (£60/year)
    "Informer" newsletters: min. 4 per yearShort VersionFull VersionShort VersionFull Version
    Monthly SIGnet newsletter
    Access to experienced investment expertsLimitedLimited
    Participation in private investor campaigns
    Networking opportunities with fellow investorsLimitedLimited
    Participation in SIGnet investor groups
    Access to investor resources on web site including: investor educational pages, links to "useful services for investors", recommended reading list for investors and AIM company evaluation scorecard.LimitedLimited
    Opportunities to participate in working groups and consultations
    Free entry to ShareSoc company growth seminars
    Entry to Masterclass Educational events at discount rates
    Free entry to ShareSoc Suppers (single company events)
    Free access to ShareSoc company visits
    Discounts on various investor services e.g:
    • Stockopedia
    • ShareScope
    • Research Tree
    • Mello Investor Shows
    Access to exclusive online resources:
    • Private investor discussion Forums (excluding dedicated SIGnet forums)
    • Dedicated SIGnet Private investor discussion Forums
    • Newsletter archive
    • SIGnet Newsletter archive
    • Company AGM report library
    • Presentations & reports from company seminars
    • Executive remuneration reports
    • Book Reviews
      Voting rights at ShareSoc General Meetings

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