This page gives the names of stockbrokers (or “investment platforms”) that support Personal Crest Membership or dealing in paper share certificates (Certificated trading) as opposed to pooled nominee accounts which are both legally dangerous and could lead to difficulties if your broker goes into administration. It is accurate so far as we are aware but please notify any corrections or additions to ShareSoc. Brokers are listed in alphabetic order. Their terms and conditions including pricing will vary considerably and you need to examine whether they meet your personal requirements. For example some of these services will be either “execution only” or “advisory” services, and some will be on-line services while others support more traditional telephone dealing.

Brokers that support Personal Crest Membership

Blankstone Sington.

Charles Stanley (Gold service and possibly CS Direct if you are transferring a personal     crest account from another broker).


Redmayne Bentley


Brokers that support Certificated Dealing

Arnold Stansby 

Blankstone Sington 


Hargreave Hale 

Hargreaves Lansdown 

Hedley & Co 

James Brealey 

MD Barnard 

Norwich & Peterborough (Jarvis Securities) 

Pilling & Co 

Redmayne Bentley 

Saga Share Direct 

Share Centre 

ShareDeal Active (Jarvis Securities)