Understanding Corporate Actions

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If you have held shares for any length of time, you are bound to come across “corporate actions”. These are events initiated by company managements (or which they are required to initiate for external reasons), which have an impact on shareholders. In this section, ShareSoc explains the meaning of the various types of common corporate action, what their impact is and factors you should consider when deciding how to act or respond.


M&A: conventional offers, schemes of arrangement

Rights issues & open offers (there is an article written by a ShareSoc member explaining rights issues here: https://www.shiftingshares.com/what-is-a-rights-issue/)


Returning cash to investors

Ordinary dividends

Special dividends

Scrip dividends

Redemptions & Capital Returns vs Dividends

DRIP schemes

Share buybacks

Share Consolidations and Splits

Consolidations following a return of capital