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Patrick Childs

Thanks Mark, this table is brilliant.

This is Patrick from Leicester Square Signet. I have been with Share Centre. They have been very good at getting the registrars to send paper copies of annual reports etc. I even recently received the massive offer document for Shaftesbury’s open offer.
As you know they are being taken over by Interactive. The information I received was that interactive do not provide this service, although your table indicates that they do. Do you have any updated information?

I will try to get them on the telephone, although this is increasingly difficult. Paper copies of contract notes would be good, although I dont’ think they do this either. You get an email after about 48 hours telling you to log in to the website to download your contract note. To me that is very “clunky”. I would like to be looked after with a more automatic follow up.

Finally do you know the details of what section of the Companies Act the information rights are set out in?