Engagement with retail investors

Put your company directly in front of ShareSoc’s vibrant network of nearly 10,000 members, representing a diverse and influential group of retail investors. Our audience is eager to hear your company’s story through in-person presentations, exclusive email alerts, and engaging webinars. Leverage our platform to strengthen your brand visibility, share your vision, and build meaningful relationships with retail investors who are actively shaping the UK investment landscape.

An informed membership

ShareSoc’s goal is to create a collaborative environment where investors are well-informed, and companies can share their compelling investment stories.

With a membership base comprised of experienced and financially savvy individuals, ShareSoc serves as a conduit for businesses to engage with investors who are deeply interested in understanding and contributing to the growth of the companies they back. Our members are not just investors; they’re influencers in the investment landscape with a keen interest in long-term value creation.

Investor engagement opportunities

Our investor events are designed to foster direct connections between public companies and our discerning membership of private investors. These platforms offer a unique chance to showcase your company, share insights, and directly engage with an audience eager to understand your value proposition.

130+ events to-date. 9500+ members. 45% of members have portfolios exceeding £1m.

Icon showing people watching a presentation


Hosted in major UK cities, our in-person sessions offer a dynamic platform for companies to present their business, strategies, and vision to an audience of over 40 investors. Each session includes presentations, a Q&A segment, and networking opportunities, providing a comprehensive engagement experience.

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Our webinars offer a 30-minute presentation slot followed by 30 minutes Q&A, allowing companies to dive deep into their stories and explain their investment case to an audience of engaged attendees. Attendance is generally between 35 and 85 but some companies have seen as many as 300 attendees.

How can ShareSoc help you engage with our large membership of retail investors?