ShareSoc campaigns on both specific company issues and on individual shareholders’ wider concerns. We have been successful in obtaining change at a number of companies since we were founded and have influenced government policy and legislation. You will find details of our campaigns here. In addition we have advised and supported other shareholder action groups.

Individual shareholders need an active voice who can speak on their behalf to companies, to the Government and to other public institutions. There are frequent changes to laws and regulations, or in financial market practice, where the needs and views of individual shareholders are often ignored. The issues are often complex but it is necessary to respond in an authoritative manner to ensure that your rights are not diluted. We respond to numerous consultations, which are detailed here.

Getting your views across to the wider financial community, to business leaders and to politicians often requires substantial effort, particularly when commercial interests are often promoting their own agenda. It takes time, money and organised effort to achieve this, which ShareSoc aims to provide.

We will also formulate policies that support your interests (see the Policies page) and promote them. ShareSoc’s promotion of those policies has helped to change the public view and the Government’s approach on a number of issues (for example on how to control excessive pay in public companies).

Companies that are in difficulties or where corporate governance issues have arisen often need the coordinated action of shareholders to rectify matters. We represent shareholders in such cases, and support the formation of shareholder action groups where necessary.

If you are considering forming a “shareholder action group” to tackle a specific company, you should read this note first: Shareholder Action Groups (a pdf document).


Contact us if you have a problem we can help with, or an issue which you would like raised.

As a minimum we will give you advice on how it can be progressed. Note, however, that the service we offer to non-members is limited. Please join us to take full advantage of our services.


It’s easy to moan about problems, but talk is not enough. You need to take action if matters are to change.