Vicorp Group PLC (VICP)

Vicorp Group PLC (VICP)

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Problem companies – Hibu, Vicorp and Avia Health Informatics

News today on three companies in financial difficulties. Hibu (formerly Yell) have announced that they have received a requisition for a general meeting of the company, which they apparently intend to convene. They reiterate that shareholders will get nothing from their proposed restructuring where the debt holders will gain overall control and state that the board “is unanimously of the opinion that the proposed resolutions are not in the best interests of Hibu and its subsidiaries nor its key stakeholders including ...

AGM Reports

Vicorp (VICP) AGM Report 2013 – what can happen in a delisted company

Vicorp Group was an AIM company which delisted in 2009. It is a good example of what can happen in small private companies (although in this case it remained a “Plc”) when investors lose interest and the shareholder base is fragmented – those investing in “crowdfunded” start-ups should bear this case in mind. Since 2009 it has become a typical “zombie” technology business – going nowhere fast and unable to attract new financing, effectively living “hand to mouth” and no doubt ...