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One of our key objectives (see Objects) is to improve our members’ investment performance, and ensure the value of their investments is protected. One way we aim to do this is by providing educational resources so members can develop their investment skills. We deliver this via web resources and other means. For those new to stock market investment, we suggest you read this web page first: Basics. It covers how to hold your shares, selecting a stockbroker, constructing a portfolio, selecting companies for investment, investment trusts, monitoring your investments and attending General Meetings. Further information pages available from that page cover matters such as fundamental analysis, unprofitable companies, avoiding duds and our AIM company scorecard.

New, or even experienced, investors may care to look at our recommended reading list which provides a sound basis for understanding stock market investment: Reading_List

You will also find a wealth of information on many of the web sites we recommend - see Links . You may also find educational events listed on the Events page.

If you have any questions about the general process of investment, about the legal, regulatory or taxation aspects, about where to get more advice, on topical issues related to stock market companies, or other questions of a more general nature, then we would be glad to assist. Go to our Contact page to get that advice. If we cannot help directly, we may well be able to tell you where you can get further assistance. But note that we cannot provide individual investment advice because apart from the fact we don’t know your personal circumstances, we are legally barred from doing so. Neither can we give you specific advice if you are involved in a legal dispute with a company or a third party. Please refer to our Legal page for the limitations of what we can do for members or non-members.

Unbiased Advice

One thing you can be assured of is that any information supplied by ShareSoc will be unbiased. There is lots of free “advice” available in the financial sector but much of it is produced by people who want you to use their services or are promoting particular investments. The best value investments are often little promoted because they don’t carry the cost of this active marketing. Similarly most free web sites are paid for by the advertising that appears on them, with the result that there is a bias towards what their advertisers wish to promote.


For some background information on the UK stock market, and the investors in it, go to this web page: Market_Statistics


Please don’t ask for individual advice on investments as ShareSoc cannot give it.

We cannot advise you whether to buy or sell specific shares, or give you advice on your personal investment strategy.

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If you are new to the investment scene and are concerned that you may be defrauded, please go to this web page: Investment-scams