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ShareSoc Launches new "Internet for Investors" Course. See Press056

ShareSoc forms group for concerned sharesholders in the Oxford Technology VCTs. See Press055

Nominee system defeats shareholder voting. See Press054

Hargreaves Lansdown doubles charges for some investors.  See Press053

Collective Engagement - A new "City Club" for institutions?  See Press052

Great News - real company owners to be disclosed - see Press051

Vodafone and Verizon - how will they use the cash? See Press050

City of London Investment Trust removes performance fee - see Press049

Shareholders advised to vote against new performance fee at Northern Venture Trust - see Press048

RBS Public Offer to be a CFD? See Press047 for comments.

VSA Capital Group delisting - some most peculiar events - see Press046 .

ShareSoc calls for revitalised AGMs and publishes guidance on how to run General Meetings - see Press045 .

ShareSoc recommends voting against Chairman Dick Olver at the BAE Systems AGM - see Press044 .

ShareSoc celebrates second anniversary - see Press043

Test of "Proper Purpose" Company Law at Red Rock - see Press042

ShareSoc launches AIM company rating system (Scorecard)- see Press041

ShareSoc and First Flight issue Recommended Guidelines for Non-Executive Directors - see Press038

ShareSoc recommends voting against new performance fee at Dunedin Enterprise - see Press039

ShareSoc calls for change at the top of BAE Systems Plc - see Press040. Go to this page for more information and to register support: BAE_Campaign

ShareSoc welcomes Miliband focus on pension rip-off - see Press037

Intercede Group - an example of poor corporate governance and bad AGM procedures - see Press036

ShareSoc issues new recommendations for voting at the prospective Victoria Plc General Meeting - see Press035

ShareSoc recommends shareholders support the existing board at Victoria - see Press034

ShareSoc welcomes U-Turn on LTIP at Intercede - see Press033

ShareSoc launches campaign on Excessive Share Price Discount at Graphite Enterprise Trust - See Press032.

ShareSoc comments on the Kay Review Recommendations - See Press031.

ShareSoc urges shareholders to vote in favour of the removal of Sir Michael Rake as EasyJet Chairman - See Press030.

ShareSoc urges shareholders to vote against Lighthouse Group delisting - See Press029. Postscript: the delisting was defeated by a large vote against at the General Meeting on the 31st July - a success for shareholder activism.

ShareSoc comments on the Barclays LIBOR rate manipulation debacle and Diamond's pay. See Press028.

Cable's Pay Reforms - A step in the right direction. See Press027 for comments on the announcement on binding votes on remuneration.

Faroe Petroleum responds to ShareSoc's concerns - see Press026

ShareSoc blasts £4m CEO pay at mid-cap oil company Premier Oil at today's AGM - see Press025

ShareSoc recommends voting against the changes proposed to the Edinburgh US Tracker Trust - see Press024

ShareSoc recommends voting against the EPIP and Remuneration Report at Faroe Petroleum - see Press023

ShareSoc suggests shareholders should consider very carefully the  offer for Lees Foods - see Press022

ShareSoc recommends Members to vote against Barclay's Remuneration Report - see Press021

Cable's Pay Review - A good first step - see Press020

ShareSoc launches attack on unjustifiable LTIP award at Intercede - see Press019

ShareSoc launches Twitter News Feed - see Press018

ShareSoc comments on David Cameron's support of binding votes on remuneration and reform of remuneration committees: Press017

Conygar - a good example of what is wrong with the remuneration of directors in public companies - see Press016

ShareSoc welcomes the long overdue report by the FSA on the failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) but points out that there are significant omissions - see Press015

ShareSoc supports a tough stance on executive pay and welcomes Nick Clegg's commitment to Government action - see Press014

No Tears for the Death of "Northern Rock"? ShareSoc comments on the purchase of Northern Rock by Virgin Money: Press013

ShareSoc Launches Campaign on Rensburg AIM VCT - see Press012

ShareSoc Launches a Proposal for Shareholder Committees to determine director nominations and pay - see Press 008

ShareSoc Launches E-Petition to Ensure Nominee Account Shareholders are Enfranchised - see Press011

ShareSoc Recommends Shareholders Vote Against the Recapitalization Proposals for Healthcare Locums  - see Press010

ShareSoc Urges Shareholders in Healthcare Locums to Defer Any Decision on the Recapitalization: Press009

ShareSoc publishes a Guide to Shareholder Activism - see this press release: Press007

ShareSoc formally launched its new Policy Manifesto with this press release: Press006

ShareSoc appoints Mark Bentley as a director - see Press005

ShareSoc announces that it supports the proposals advocated by Laxey Partners at Alliance Trust - see Press004

ShareSoc advocates Nomination Committees to improve Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement - see Press003

ShareSoc recommends shareholders vote against reappointment of the Chairman and against the Remuneration Report at Acuity Growth VCT - see Press002

The UK Individual Shareholders Society ("ShareSoc") was launched with a press conference and press release - see Launch.


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