The leaders of the Edge Performance VCT Campaign and the Shareholder Requisitioners of the GM and shareholder resolutions for 17 January 2022 have written to shareholders with their recommendations on how to vote at the AGM, GM and Requisitioned GM on 17 January 2022.

We recommend that you vote as follows:

AGM: FOR resolutions 1, 2, 4 and 5. AGAINST 3, the re-election of Sir Peter Bazalgette.

COMPANY GM: AGAINST resolutions 1 and 2 (the re-election of Terry Back and Sir Aubrey Brocklebank) and FOR resolutions 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

SHAREHOLDER Requisitioned GM: VOTE FOR ALL resolutions: this would result in a changed board.


A Proxy Form that you can use to vote can be downloaded here. Edge Proxy-Voting-Form FINAL

The letter to former I shareholders who hold H shares can be downloaded here

The letter to H shareholders who did not own I shares can be downloaded here.


The independence of Sir Peter Bazalgette was first reported in the Daily Telegraph on 8 November 2021 see

Further information about the independence of Sir Peter Bazalgette  and his links to David Glick is in a Press release of 22 November 2021, by the British Business Bank (which reported the £85million fund raise) and others including Sir Peter Bazalgette, the Chairman of ITV. However there was no mention that Sir Peter is (currently) also a director of Edge Performance VCT or that he is  likely to be voted off the Edge Performance VCT board on 17 January 2022 when it finally restarts its AGM, adjourned in August 2021.  Nor did Edge VCT mention this.

This article has been written by Cliff Weight, who is one of the leaders of the ShareSoc Edge VCT Campaign. Cliff owns Edge H Class shares and used to own I shares. Neither I, the requisitioners  nor ShareSoc can give financial advice. Readers should do their own research or seek professional advice on how to act.

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