Edge VCT Update 3: 19 August 2020

We arranged a webinar on Friday 14 August at 4pm for shareholders to better understand the implication of the resolutions, and hence help them determine how they should vote at the GM and AGM.

Here is the link to the presentation/video: https://www.sharesoc.org/seminar/sharesoc-edge-vct-webinar-14-aug-2020/

As it was a seminar, this was entered in our seminar area and only available to Full members. You will need to login to your ShareSoc account to access this video link.

ShareSoc members who have VCT shares are recommended to join the VCT Investors Group, https://www.sharesoc.org/campaigns/vct-investors-group/

Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc on behalf of the leaders of the ShareSoc Edge Shareholder Action Group.


19 August 2020

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