Telegraph, 9 Nov 2021, Edge Performance VCT – ITV chairman faces backlash at investment trust

The Telegraph is reporting that “The chairman of ITV is facing an investor rebellion over his role at an obscure investment trust amid claims that he and other directors have presided over a corporate governance fiasco.” see

ShareSoc’s Edge VCT Campaign has requisitioned a GM and resolutions to remove three directors and this is reported in detail in the Telegraph.

ShareSoc’s viewpoints are quoted extensively in the report, as is ShareSoc member Andrew Kenny, a retired businessman who backed the trust but is now sitting on estimated losses of £30,000, who said the governance at Edge Performance was “shocking”.

The 69-year-old, who lives in Leathley, North Yorkshire, added: “The board has run roughshod over all of our concerns.

“We have had no explanation for why the fund manager has been given such a cushy deal.”

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Cliff Weight, Director, ShareSoc and member of the Edge VCT Campaign leadership group. I hold shares in Edge Performance VCT.