Reply To: Suggestions and requests

Mark Bentley

It has been requested that logged in forum users should be able to select a nickname to post under, rather than having to use their real-names.

At present this can be accomplished by contacting our office. I will, however, raise a change request to create a feature allowing users to change their nicknames themselves.

As a matter of principle, we discourage the use of nicknames, as most forums are only visible to a closed community of ShareSoc and/or SIGnet members and posts are much more credible if the identity of the poster is clear. We prefer members to post under their real names and aim to promote a friendly, mutually supportive community. By default, your real name will appear when you post. We will moderate posts by anonymous posters rigorously, to prevent posters hiding behind aliases to make abusive posts that they would not make if their identity was known.

We do understand, however, that some members are very concerned about their privacy and do not wish to disclose their identities, even within the member community, but would still like to post. We do not wish to discourage such members from making useful posts.

Mark Bentley, Webmaster