The table below allows you to search and browse exclusive information that ShareSoc holds on numerous companies, which can assist your research on those companies. It is ordered by the “TIDM Code” that the London Stock exchange uses to uniquely identify each equity instrument. Within the table you will find links to our proprietary information, which is available on our members’ network. These links are only accessible to full members of ShareSoc. Click here to join ShareSoc and become a full member. If you are a full member and are having any difficulty accessing the members’ network, please contact our office.

The table includes dates that companies have presented at our seminars, and links to relevant seminar reports. Alongside the seminar reports, useful shareholder return data since the date the company first presented is also provided. The table also includes dates of and links to reports on companies’ AGMs. There are also dates of and links to reports on executive remuneration at the companies.