This page provides a link to the ShareSoc Members Network web site which contains discussion forums and much more. You need to be a Full (subscribing) ShareSoc member and obtain a password to gain access to the site.

If you are a full member, click here to go to the Members Network.

Do you want to discuss your favourite investment topic? Or read a report on an Annual General Meeting of a company? Perhaps you simply want to discuss how to ensure shareholders can vote and receive information from the companies they own, how to tackle excessive director pay, or how to improve the regulation of AIM companies? Maybe you just want to ask other members a question? We have a solution for you. This is the ShareSoc Members Network site. The Members Network is the main method by which we support member interaction, discussions, local groups and meetings.

The Members Network is focused on discussion of UK stock market and investment issues. It is restricted to ShareSoc Full members only, so you need to be a Full Member of ShareSoc to participate in it – see Membership). Please contact ShareSoc if you need assistance or an invitation to join the network – all new Full Members receive an invitation to join the Members Network, but if you have mislaid that email then contact ShareSoc for a new invitation. IMPORTANT NOTE: THE MEMBERS NETWORK IS SEPARATE TO MEMBERSHIP OF SHARESOC AND YOU HAVE TO SPECIFICALLY REGISTER FOR THE MEMBERS NETWORK AND GET A PASSWORD TO ACCESS IT.

You may not be into networking on the internet but it’s a remarkably easy technology to use. Our web site enables anyone with shared interests to meet and discuss matters. For example you can post your own reports including photos or videos on events you attend including General Meetings of companies so that other members can read them. The Members Network functions like an online community of internet users and as our members are physically widely spread it enables us to support our members more easily and at lower cost than organising local meetings.

The Members Network enables you to form groups of people who can exchange comments on topical issues, or have more in-depth discussions. It’s therefore ideal for enabling inter-member communication for associations such ShareSoc.

Apart from discussion Forums, which can assist us in developing policy, it also enables us to organise meetings or specialist discussion groups. You can use it to exchange information and photos, or to simply chat to fellow members. And there is an archive of past ShareSoc Informer Newsletters in one of the Forums.

Please give it a try. There are a number of “Forums” (i.e. discussion topics) present on the site but you can raise any new issue by going to the “General Discussion” Forum or creating a new topic. You shouldn’t find it difficult to get started but please contact ShareSoc if you need assistance or have any questions on it.